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New NGSS Resources Available

Achieve and the Teaching Channel Release New Classroom Videos Demonstrating Transitions to NGSS
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Is the NGSS Going to Ruin High School Chemistry?

Most science teachers I work with are excited about the shift to NGSS and exploring new possibilities for student learning.
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Supporting Argumentation Through Student Talk

A central element of all of the new standards – the Next Generation Science Standards, the Common Core Math standards and the Common Core English Language Arts standards – is that students are making sense of the world through argumentation. Let’s…
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Achieving Success with Common Core Through Community

As we take on the new school year and think about the shifts we are committing to make towards the Next Generation Science Standards, I have found it beneficial to read about the work that various teachers, schools, and districts are engaging in.
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Using the NGSS to Teach the Nature of Science

Do you know what misconceptions about science your students have?
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