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CSTA’s newsletter, California Classroom Science, has always had great articles about resources, lessons, planning tools, and issues in science education. But sometimes the things that help us the most are the little things: A classroom move. This is a new interactive column that allows you to share those little moves. We’d love to hear from all of you!

Moving with the Flow of Science

Does your daily quarantine routine have you sitting around the house or empty workplace feeling like you need to move? Are you wondering what your students are doing right now and wish you could do something to help? Think about this: How often do…
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Science Notebooking in Kindergarten

Science Notebooking can seem a little daunting for the beginning of Kindergarten. I have a lesson that I use in August to practice the concept of observation and notebooking. The lesson is: “Play Dough Color Mix – Yellow, Red, and Blue.”
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What gets your classes' attention fast?

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