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San Diego Early Implementers Take the Lead in Strengthening Support for Science in Their District LCAP

For the past couple weeks, the *Core Leadership Team and Teacher Leaders of the CA NGSS (K-8) Early Implementation Initiative in San Diego have rallied together to positively impact San Diego Unified School District’s Local Control Accountability…
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Hands-On Performance Assessment – An Effective Formative Assessment Strategy

Are you looking for ways to assess 3D learning? Tools that assess the NGSS practices? Have you considered hands-on performance assessment? Do you know that California once implemented hands-on tasks in statewide testing?
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Practical Tools to Begin Implementing the NGSS in a First Grade Classroom

Across the state, during the summer of 2016, hundreds of teachers of NGSS “Early Implementers” schools participated in professional development institutes designed to help teachers better understand NGSS and science pedagogy.
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