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If You Are Not Teaching Science Then You Are Not Teaching Common Core

Anyone concerned with the teaching of science in elementary school is keenly aware of the problem of time.
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Tools for Creating NGSS Standards Based Lessons

Think back on your own experiences with learning science in school. Were you required to memorize disjointed facts without understanding the concepts?
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Supporting and Enhancing NGSS Implementation: A Tale of Two Principals’ Efforts

Two principals. Two schools. One district. One challenge: What does a principal do to support teachers as they implement student-centered, phenomena-focused, inquiry-based science instruction based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for…
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Shift Happens: Finding What Matters As a New Leader

For those of us who have found ourselves in a position where we recently left the classroom and are now leading the NGSS charge for our districts, it can be challenging finding one’s place.
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