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Next Generations Science Standards

Putting the Science CST into Perspective

The implementation of new policies always requires time to understand how the changes link to the previous expectations, as well as time to deeply understand the new demands
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San Diego Early Implementers Take the Lead in Strengthening Support for Science in Their District LCAP

For the past couple weeks, the *Core Leadership Team and Teacher Leaders of the CA NGSS (K-8) Early Implementation Initiative in San Diego have rallied together to positively impact San Diego Unified School District’s Local Control Accountability…
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What About the Stages of Mitosis?

The stages of mitosis are really important.
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A Teacher’s Journey: NGSS Is NOT an Add On

My students were looking at a mole of iron (602,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms more or less) and concluding that they were probably looking at one atom of iron.
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Achieving Success with Common Core Through Community

As we take on the new school year and think about the shifts we are committing to make towards the Next Generation Science Standards, I have found it beneficial to read about the work that various teachers, schools, and districts are engaging in.
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