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Next Generations Science Standards

Changing “Needs” to “Gots”

“I need time to plan with my team.” “I need to explore the standards more.” “I need help developing lessons.” “ I need to know how to appropriately assess student learning.”
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Introducing Middle School Students to the Crosscutting Concepts

The crosscutting concepts are one of the three pillars upon which the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are built. The other two are the Science and Engineering Practices and the Disciplinary Core Ideas.
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NGSS: A Case for Special Education Inclusion

The NSTA Press publication, NGSS for All Students: O.Lee, E. Miller, R Januszyk (Eds.) highlights the importance of providing high-quality science education for all, including students with disabilities.
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Planning Professional Learning Using the NGSS Implementation Pathway Model

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have the ability to transform teaching and learning in the classroom. They will dramatically change how students experience science by shifting the focus from the memorization of facts to greater student…
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Approaches to Argumentation in Science

Early in the twentieth century before the dawn of the modern synthesis, there were two camps in the science of inheritance; the Mendelian camp claimed ancestral heredity occurred through discontinuous change, and the Darwinian camp claimed that…
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