CSTA Classroom Science

Region 2 Update (Oct/Nov 2020)

by Jennifer Mutch, CASE Region 2 Director

Hello everyone. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Mutch, and I am your new Region 2 Director for CASE. Thank you so much for electing me to this position and allowing for me to represent the Bay Area on our Board of Directors. I am currently the Science Coordinator at Santa Clara County Office of Education and have been there for almost two years. Prior to this, I was a Math and Science teacher in Southern California working with elementary and middle school students. 

As we have all made the adjustments to teaching our students online, many of our counties, districts, and  community partners have done the same. Those of us who provide professional learning opportunities for our educators and hands-on learning and field trip opportunities for our students are figuring out the best ways to support you all. We have gathered resources, created webinars, utilized social media, and have even created virtual field trips. Here, I would like to share some of the Region 2 County Office resources that have been developed for Distance Learning as well as some of the resources developed by some of our partner organizations. 


Informal Partners:
From Community Resources for Science (This is an extensive list of Non-Formal Partner Organizations and their updated resources):

Jennifer Mutch serves as the 2020-2022 Region 2 Director and is the Science Coordinator at  the Santa Clara County Office of Education. Contact Jennifer at jmutch@sccoe.org



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