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Science Assessment Update - Alternate Pilot Item Available

California Alternate Assessment for Science Training Sample Is Here!
The training test for the California Alternate Assessment (CAA) for Science is now available on the CAASPP Portal CAAs Web page! This training test is the same type of embedded performance task (PT) that will be administered during this year’s pilot CAA for Science. Designed to be administered one on one, the training test PT is nonsecure and for use in preparing for the pilot CAA for Science.

The training test is aligned with the grade five California Next Generation Science Standards but can be used by students in any of the tested grades to familiarize both educators, students, parents, and stakeholders with the testing format of the pilot. The CDE is preparing a letter for LEAs to use to inform parents about this innovative test and the availability of the training test.

Pilot California Science Test—Headphones Needed?
Many local educational agency staff have asked us whether headphones will be needed to administer the upcoming pilot California Science Test (CAST). While there are no audio files attached to this pilot, students who need access to text-to-speech support may need headphones.

On another CAST note, two accessibility features are now available specifically for the CAST—the periodic table of the elements and a reference sheet, both of which will be available as an embedded universal tool or as a non-embedded designated support. They are available on the CAASPP Portal CAST Web page, and, if appropriate for your students, we encourage you to provide students with opportunities as possible to become familiar with them.



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