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Hitting the Wall: When Your District Isn’t Behind NGSS

It’s coming…NGSS implementation.
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Is NGSS the End of Science Fair?

It’s science fair season again and time for my annual love/hate relationship with the science fair.
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Modeling Is Awesome

A few years ago a team of us was teaching an astronomy lesson: “What causes night and day?” Kids watched a time-lapse of the sky over the course of several days.
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New Resource: Second Release of NGSS Example Bundles

The Example Bundles (formerly known as the Model Content Frameworks for Science) will show samples of ways to bundle the NGSS within a school year.
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NGSS: Making Your Life Easier

NGSS is a big shift. Teachers need to learn new content, figure out how this whole engineering thing relates to science, and develop new unit and lesson plans.
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