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NGSS Early Implementers

Taking It to the Field—Where Students Become the Experts

Most teachers would agree that field experiences are invaluable teaching tools.
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Practical Tools to Begin Implementing the NGSS in a First Grade Classroom

Across the state, during the summer of 2016, hundreds of teachers of NGSS “Early Implementers” schools participated in professional development institutes designed to help teachers better understand NGSS and science pedagogy.
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Activity Mania, This Is Not!

In preparation for the summer 2015 Southern California K-8 NGSS Early Implementation Institute in Vista, our grade 2 cadre of science educators from elementary, secondary, and the university, planned a week of science investigations around matter and…
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From Hot Asphalt to Solar Radiation

Imagine a group of sixth graders, challenging one another to see who can sit on the asphalt the longest, on a hot August day at a middle school in the Palm Springs Unified School District, where temperatures can reach 115° F.
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The Big Idea Page: A Creative Way to Emphasize the Crosscutting Concepts for Three Dimensional Learning

Making three-dimensional learning a reality in the classroom of teachers starting to implement the NGSS can be a struggle.
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