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NGSS Early Implementers

Bringing California’s Marine Protected Areas to Your Students

California is at the forefront of coastal protection, and many actions being taken to preserve our coast align with standards already taught in the classroom.
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Tracy’s NGSS Implementation Journey: Lessons to Share

Tracy Unified School District (TUSD) became a part of the K-12 Alliance’s @WestEd CA NGSS K-8 Early Implementation Initiative (EII) in 2014-15.
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Science Fair and NGSS: An Updated Approach

During the early years of the Industrial Revolution, the American Institute’s Children’s Fair was held in New York City.
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Crosscutting Concepts: Outcomes From Action Research

Crosscutting concepts are the lens through which students can find connections across content.
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Personalizing NGSS Learning Sequences for Your Students

Since the California State Board of Education’s adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in Fall of 2013, science educators across California have sought out curriculum to address the shifts they demand.
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