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What is Membership?

What does it mean to be a member? It means to be part of a group. To be a member is different from being a customer. I’ve heard it said that what you get out of membership is based on what you put in. 

Almost everything CASE does is organized  by members. Yes, we have a small and amazing paid staff, but our advocacy, the conference, member events, webinars, workshops, the newsletter, happen because CASE members want to share something they are passionate about with the greater California science educator community.

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More members makes CASE a stronger organization that contributes more for the community. That’s why CASE decreased its membership cost to $30 a year for the past 6 months. We don’t want cost to be a barrier to participating.
Another change we made recently is to let members join committees all year, not just during the open call in May. Look for opportunities at the upcoming conference in Palm Springs to learn more about our committees and how you can get involved!

So what can you do as a member to help CASE? Everyone has different levels of involvement and the time to get involved?

If you can do just a little-
Read our newsletter, California Classroom Science and email blasts to keep up and look for opportunities to participate. Join our Facebook Groups and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Offer your experience to teachers asking for help. Like people’s posts to let them know they are being heard. 

If you can do a bit more-
Write an article to share something great you’ve been doing. Submit a workshop proposal and present at the conference. 

If you can do a lot!
Join a committee and get involved in the work that CASE does. There is a committee for whatever your passion is whether it’s NGSS, environmental education, equity work, social media, publishing  the newsletter, legislation and policy, organizing  the conference, mentoring and leadership, and connecting with our members. The committees are where the real work of CASE gets done!

If you can do a whole lot!
Run for the board and help make the decisions that guide CASE.



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Peter A'Hearn

Written by Peter A'Hearn

Peter A’Hearn is a self-proclaimed science education troubadour and is the President of CASE. (2021-2023).

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