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As teachers dig deeper into the NGSS and move past the newness of the dimensions, engineering, phenomena, etc., there’s a beautiful segment in them that begins to illuminate. It becomes immediately apparent there are strong connections between the…
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I was recently having a conversation with a friend who is about to start a new job. A big job for a big company where she will now be a team lead. Working for her will be a number of really young, super-talented engineers. You know who I’m talking…
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It’s been a difficult few weeks as we watch and hear the news of yet another school shooting. This tragedy has had a profound impact on myself and many of my teacher colleagues. So much so, that I feel I’d be remiss not to take this moment to…
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Find Your Reason to Engage

I was recently reflecting on events in the news and remembered that several years ago, National Public Radio had a story about a man named Stéphane Hessel, a World War II French resistance fighter, Nazi concentration camp survivor, and contributor to…
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Keeping the Inspiration Flowing

As I walk the floor of the conference, eyes still a bit blurry from lack of sleep and head fuzzy from reviewing speeches and message triangles, I pause. Looking around, I am aware of a sea of smiles, laughter, and very animated story-telling.…
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