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President's Message

Re-Novicing of Science Teachers and the Science Coach

Over the past several months I’ve presented on and heard from others on how the implementation of the NGSS is going both within California and nationally. In the process, I’ve taken away some learnings that I thought I’d share.
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As I write this, CSTA’s 2018 California Science Education Conference has just come to a close. More than 3,000 educators joined together as a community in Pasadena, CA. I am always humbled to see the grand effort it takes to make this happen.
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Equity In a Time of Socio-Environmental Justice

Last month I had the opportunity to represent CSTA at the Governor’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. It was at an education satellite event that I met a college student, Max Jimenez. Her message to the adult educators and education…
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As teachers dig deeper into the NGSS and move past the newness of the dimensions, engineering, phenomena, etc., there’s a beautiful segment in them that begins to illuminate. It becomes immediately apparent there are strong connections between the…
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I was recently having a conversation with a friend who is about to start a new job. A big job for a big company where she will now be a team lead. Working for her will be a number of really young, super-talented engineers. You know who I’m talking…
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