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Region 4 Update - June/July

By Debbie Gordon, Region 4 Director

By the time this  issue comes out, most of us will be finishing up school and summer will be upon us.  I hope you can take a breath and pat yourself on the back for the tremendous load you carried the last couple of months.  We have all learned so many new things about teaching and learning in a virtual space and there is so much more to know.  I hope that you can take some time away from your home office and put work off your minds for a little bit before diving back in and planning for a new school year.  When you are ready to  jump back in, here are two resources from Region 4 I hope you check out.

Orange County Office of Education’s STEM Team has put together a fantastic resource for educators and families that include Social and Emotional Support as well as Academic Support.
OCDE resources and support
OCOE Contact: Christie Pearce
STEM Coordinator
Educational Services, STEM and Humanities
Orange County Department of Education

Riverside County Office of Education also has a wide range of useful Educational Resources for Remote Learning  
As well as these useful science-specific resources for remote learning: Guidance – Supporting Students’ Science Learning During COVID-19 School Closures Edited for use of Riverside County schools

RCOE Contacts: Email Yamileth Shimojyo or  Greg Nicholas



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