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Region 4 Update: February/March 2022

Educators at Lake Hodges
Photo source: C. Howe

San Diego formal and informal educators got outside together to Hike, Explore, and Learn. We had a fabulous day outside as a group, enjoyed a break in the rainy December weather, and learned  new strategies  to use with students. The group Interviewed an Organism using a protocol from the BEETLES Project and had a chance to informally discuss student learning in nature. Getting educators outdoors together has been a helpful way to stay connected in person! As our days are getting longer, give yourself the opportunity to spend time  outside, alone or with colleagues.

Southern California CA Science Projects have online and in person Professional Learning Opportunities! See each project for up to date offerings:
Riverside County Office of Education:
  • For information on the professional learning and event offerings in Riverside, please see the RCOE STEM Web Page.
Southern California Association of Science Specialists (SCASS) - March Professional Learning
Register for the March 11 Event Today!
Keynote: Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson is an Associate Professor in the UW College of Education. Her research focuses on building Local Improvement Networks that support ambitious and equitable teaching practices with novice and experienced science teachers, science and English Learner (EL) coaches, principals, and district leadership.




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