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Conference Memories and Looking Forward

Reliving our Favorite Memories and Looking forward to 2023 California Science Education Conference


Reliving some of our favorite memories from conference and we don't want you to miss out! Join us October 20-22, 2023 in sunny Palm Springs, California where we connect with new and old friends, generate new ideas,  energize your teaching, and grow as professionals.

Registration is now open. There will be more than 150 workshops to choose from , plus a pool engineering challenge, short courses, field course and yoga. Add those extra tickets on to your registration to fully experience 2.5 days of education. 

Visit the CASE conference website for more details. 


Peter A'Hearn
Last year watching security pulling our new President Elect off the go-go dancers platform at Chill Bar during  the CASE Pub Crawl was a hoot! 
But my all time highlight is still marrying Christine Hirst and Daniel Bernhardt at the San Jose Conference! 
I can’t wait to run into old friends from all over the state and share the positive energy around great science teaching!

Jim Clark photo.jpg

Jim Clark
The CASE conference is an amazing opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones.  I love this conference because the presenters and participants understand the challenges and blessings of teaching in California.  I am able to easily connect with the people I meet at CASE.  My favorite part of the conference is our community comes together and talks about best outcomes for students ...what could be better?

Tara Sikorski
For me, the annual CASE conference is so much more than a conference!  It's a delightfully nerdy reunion with science friends from across the state who I met and/or worked with at various points in my educator career.  I make it a priority to show up with my social ‘battery’ fully charged and ready to engage because there is so much to learn from other members. (And that’s high praise coming from an introvert.)  


Shay Fairchild
CASE brings like minded people together to share ideas, create new connections, and strengthen old ones!  It is a mix of a family reunion and information over load all in one.  My favorite part is learning new perspectives and cannot miss the annual boat race - always brings lots of laughter and excitement. 


Melissa Marcucci
CASE Conference is the best place to reconnect with friends and colleagues from around the state, meet new people, network with different districts and science partner organizations, and gain/regain momentum for the school year. The conference provides some of the best workshops around the country and opportunities to re-envision your role as an educator. I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Plus- the photo opp at the CASE Booth can preserve your memories and remind you why this is THE event to come to year after year.

Rudy Escobar
CASE Conference is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences for educators that are seeking to belong to a group of like-minded individuals. I have great memories from last year, especially the time that we spend together getting to know each other and meeting new excited educators at the CASE booth.



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