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In CASE you Missed it (June/July 2021)

Summer is officially here! We know the last part of the academic year can be busy, so we’ve made a list of everything you might have missed in the last few months.

Early Bird Conference Rates Now Open
The super low Super Bird rates for this year’s virtual California Science Education Experience closed in May, but anyone who wishes to register can still take advantage of our Early Bird rates! The Early Bird member rates are more than $40 lower than normal member rates, so don’t miss out! You can register online here or download our registration form.

Partner Opportunities for the Virtual California Conference & Experience 
This year, we have developed an event that is not just a conference, but a brand new interactive ‘Experience’ for all involved. This includes a NEW Partner Program that will enhance companies, community partners and institutions maximum exposure and connection with attendees throughout the month of October.

On June 2 and 3, CASE held a Q&A session for prospective partners to share the exciting new opportunities to enhance their visibility. We can’t wait to have you join us in October. 

Upcoming Happy Hour
Let’s kick off summer with one last virtual Happy Hour for our members on Friday, June 25 at 4:00 pm PT. Catch up with your CASE friends and join us for some summer fun! RSVP here.

Science Awareness Campaign
Recently, CASE initiated a campaign to help spread awareness of the importance of science education in K-12 classrooms. This campaign was very well-received and shared, and overall very successful. Thank you to every person who took the time to share our posts on your social media pages; our success wouldn’t have been possible without YOUR help!

Teacher Appreciation Month
In May, CASE celebrated not just Teacher Appreciation Week, but Teacher Appreciation Month. Members submitted amazing stories and #CASEteachertales that were posted on our social media throughout May. Thank you to everyone who shared stories; we loved reading them!

Member Spotlights
Since our last issue, we had three amazing Member Spotlights. Thank you to Kelsey Lipsitz, Emmanuel Onyeador, Steve Soth and Desire Whitmore for taking the time to interview with us! Check out their full interviews here!

Elementary Circle Meeting
On April 21, we held our second Elementary Circle meeting that featured guest speakers Sara Ludovise and Kaitlin Magliano from Crystal Cove State Park. They taught us a lot about the interactive virtual learning resources that the park offers and how teachers can participate. Thank you Sara and Kaitlin for an informative session!

Mentor/Mentee Circle Meeting 
Our very first Mentor/Mentee Circle meeting hosted by upcoming President Pete A’Hearn and Hope Oliver took place the following week on April 29. Everyone who showed up to the meeting showed a lot of enthusiasm for the future of the circle. We can’t wait to see what it will accomplish!



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