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CSTA Approved NEW Position Statement

Providing Equitable Instructional Time for High-Quality Science in Elementary School

Education Code 51210 requires science instruction in and throughout grades one through six. The California Next Generation Science Standards (adopted in 2013) delineate science learning expectations in grades K-12 for all students every year. The California Curriculum Framework (approved in 2016) further details learning expectations for TK-12.

All elementary students, regardless of age, have the capacity to learn complex science when provided with scaffolded and developmentally appropriate opportunities to engage in the science practices (NRC 2011). High-quality science experiences at the elementary level spark student curiosity, interest, and reasoning abilities, and serve as the foundation for understanding the world around them and prepare them for future science learning.

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For additional Approved CSTA Position Statements visit the CSTA website Position and Policy Statements webpage.



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