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NGSS Early Implementers

Kindergarten Teachers Take On the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Science in Kindergarten is no different than teaching science in other grades. Students come to us full of wonder, resulting in endless questions.
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Second Grade Seed Dispersal Engineers!

Second graders had worked hard on their engineering designs to make a lima bean that would be transported by sticking to an animal’s fur.
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SciEd Side Bar: Let Them Figure It Out!

There is a vast body of research that supports the notion that for students to develop deep conceptual understanding, we must put students in the driver seat of thinking.
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Sensemaking Notebooks: Making Thinking Visible for Both Students and Teachers!

"Students can’t yet write independently without basic sentence frames. Their thoughts are usually bigger than what they can put on paper." - Kindergarten Teacher
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Cross Cutting to the Concepts (Or How My Own Use and Understanding of CCC’s Evolved)

Many of you have jumped into turning at least some of your lessons into NGSS three-dimensional (3D) lessons, or you may be using an NGSS lesson/unit from a training or workshop.
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