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Region 4 Update - Dec/Jan 2021-2022

We use the end of a year to set goals for our future. As an educator, these goals are often focused on reaching more teachers and students or learning about a new (or new to me) topic in science education. This year, I am thinking about goal setting a bit differently. I am taking the time to look back at the last year (or two) and celebrate the teachers who kept science in the classroom during the craziness of at-home, hybrid and back in the classroom instruction. I am looking at the stacks of books and articles I have read and reminding myself how each has shaped my work. In 2022, I hope we all take more time to remind ourselves and our colleagues  that the daily actions we make for students and science education are worthy of celebration. Thank you for everything that you do! 

Photo used with permission from: Yamileth Shimojyo

Congratulations to Greg Nicholas! He is retiring after 30 years in service of education and we appreciate all of his contributions to science.

In addition to the learning that can be had at the CA NGSS Collaborative Professional Learning #1 (the Notebooking Session begins in January), see the opportunities from Region 4 below:

CA Science Project has online and in person Professional Learning Opportunities!
See each project for up to date offerings:

San Bernardino, Mono, and Inyo Counties Science and Engineering Fair
Learn more and sign up at simsef.zfairs.com 

San Bernardino Events

  • Science Network Meetings - monthly meetings to support science teachers, coaches, and TOSAs. Register here.
  • Region 10 District Science Leadership Community of Practice. Collaborate to support the implementation of NGSS across Region 10. Register here.



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